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Love Your E-Bike and It'll Love You!

Many people ask what kind of service and maintenance is required to run an electric bike. For those who are new to riding e-bikes, this can seem like a daunting question. So we thought we’d make things easy for you. Here is some basic information, along with general tips to keep your electric bike (e-bike) running like a dream!

Just like any regular bicycle, your e-bike is going to need routine maintenance, some you can do yourself (DIY) and some that should be completed by an e-bike dealer or good bike shop. However, don’t be deterred by the electrical part of this, as generally, it will require very little maintenance.

Many non-e-bikers believe electric bikes are riddled with maintenance issues, but this is simply not true. If you, the user, take the basic steps to keep your bike running it will not require much more maintenance than a normal bike. After all, if you treat your e-bike well it will treat you well in return.


Quick and Simple Checks Before Each Ride

Carrying out a simple pre-ride check is an invaluable habit as it will pick up any small problems before they become bigger, costly problems, and will help prevent any unnecessary accidents.

  • Check for any loose nuts, bolts, or fixings.
  • Check tyre pressures are correct. Please always refer to the tyre manufacturers suggested levels on the side of the tyre.
  • Check tyres for any visible damage, wear and tear, or bald spots.
  • Check the brakes and brake pads are working properly, not rubbing.
  • Check that the wheel nuts or quick release skewers are tight.
  • Check that all of the electronic functions are working properly including the lights.
  • Check that the handlebars and stem are tightened.
  • Check that bags/baskets/boxes are securely fastened.
  • Check that your battery has sufficient charge for your ride.


Most dealers will provide a full set up on the bike, which is important, as the e-bike will need to be set up correctly in the first place in order to function well over time. Some dealers also offer a complimentary service once the e-bike has been bedded in. This is useful and well worth taking advantage of, as it can take a few miles for new bolts to bed in, for cables to stretch, etc. By taking it back after the bedding-in period you can have it all re-tightened, the brakes and gears checked, etc. This is also a good time to change the position of the handlebars slightly or make any other small adjustments to provide a more comfortable ride. You’ll know what you need from your bike after a week or so of riding.


At the Electric Bike Centre, we pride ourselves on having the widest range of quality e-bikes in Australia, with a bike to suit every type of rider and budget. We also provide e-bike safety checks, along with standard and premium servicing, to ensure you and your e-bike keep on moving.

Download our latest eBook, How To Service and Maintain Your E-Bike’s Sparkfor a helpful guide filled with tips and tricks from the e-bike professionals, to keep your electric bike (e-bike) running like a dream. Plus our BONUS e-bike servicing checklist!